How & When can i use this Certificate?

Ideally, we hope that you will not have to use it.

Scenarios under which this Certificate can play a key role is in the event that your Private Key is lost or stolen.

Our Ownership Certifictate for your Public Key is a proof that you had control over your Private Key, at least as early as when we provided the Certificate.

The AOC Certificate can also be used to reassure your partners who may want to verify that they are sending crypto assets to a Public Address that belongs to you.

Additionally, using the AOC Certificate you may be able to temporary "blacklist" your Public Key from making further payments by sending the AOC Certificate to Crypto currency Wallets and Exchange platforms.

Other possible Use-cases that will have to be confirmed by the concerned parties or authorities:

  • Used as a reference for the crypto assets to be part of a succession will
  •  Used as a proof of crypto assets holding in the case of a claim with an insurance policy
  •  Used as a reference to reclaim assets in the event of hard fork gone wrong by the cryptocurrency system
  •  As many ways as our users can think-of

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Your Address Ownership Certificate

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