What is an AOC Blockchain Certificate?

It is a PDF document digitally signed by our Lawyers who are equipped with Qualified Digital Signatures issued by the reputable SwissSign Certification Authority. Any such digitally signed document has the same value as a wet signed document. It has the following advantages:

  1. Instantly recognized by Adobe Acrobat and other tools
  2. Official timestamp & immutable integrity of the document
  3. ISO 27001, eIDAS and FINMA certified Digital Signature
  4. Complete privacy: Only you can show & share this document 

Click the image below to download a real sample of our Digitally Signed AOC Certificate:

AOC Blockchain Certificate

It is signed by our Lawyers using a Qualified Digital Signature provided by SwissSign
More information about the SuisseID of SwissSign is here: https://www.swisssign.com/en/signing/suisseid 

If your PDF reader is up to date with Adobe Trusted Certificates the signature details will show as valid and verified see below:

Valid Signature

If your PDF application is showing our signature as invalid please refer to our help article here:


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