EV SSL Validated Affiliate Program

Welcome to our Affiliate Programme. Why should you join our Affiliate Program ?

There are 3 main reasons for you to apply for our program:

1- Our Marketing Strategy is Affiliate Marketing
We have decided to focus our Marketing Strategy on our Affiliate Network, with whom we want to share and grow our success. The reason is simple, its the most efficient and cost-effective solution for everybody and including the final customer. It also allows us to raise awareness together about this under-used security and trust tool. We believe that an affiliate, being a partner, will also find benefits of conversion if he/she can provide great content and explanation about this service.

2- Our Product is a great thing to sell
Democratizing EV SSL is a great thing to do, besides allowing all of us to make some money. At the moment only a small portion of the web is using EV SSL and that is mainly the Banking and regulated sectors and the great brands. The common small and medium businesses have not yet fully been introduced to the advantages of EV SSL certificates, which can be summarized in few important points:
 It is the Ultimate Trust Mark for a website: The Green Bar
 It increases sales conversion and reduces cart abandonments 
 It secures communications and prevents Phishing attacks
 It is technically needed by any website that needs to build Trust
 We are very few (possibly the only ones) to bundle the EV SSL purchase with a Legal Opinion Letter from our Partner Law Firm. This is a game changer as the buyer will not suffer the usual compliance nightmare that it can be to get an EV SSL Validated. 

Recommended Read:
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How our Legal Opinion Service can help with EV SSL Validation 

3- We offer you the best conditions we can afford and straight away:
Because we do not spend marketing money on other channels, we re-invest all our efforts to provide with:
 The Best Commission Conditions in the market: A discount voucher for your audience and a sales commission on both 1st order and renewals .
 The Best Tracking Solution we can afford: We use both cookies based and Voucher based tracking. You can even decide and genrate your own voucher code text. 
 The best conversion ratio we can come up with: We are constantly improving conversion so that we can turn any lead you send us into a sale. We constantly improve our checkout process and also we are proposing a 24H Live Chat support team that is here to capture and secure as much opportunities as possible.

Below is an example of a banner that you can use and where you can replace the Voucher code by your own dedicated voucher code before promoting the banner

To be part  of our affiliate program you just need to register below and visit the affiliate section from your account dashboard menu: 


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