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Ecommerce LawyerAOCBLOCKCHAIN.COM is a service provided by EcommerceLawyer.com, a division of Naray & Partners, a Swiss Law Firm specialized in trade & new technologies

The Firm:
Naray & Partners, Rue De-Candolle 36 , Geneva, GE - 1205, Switzerland. Phone:+41 22 781 01 00

Mr Alex Naray
Co-Founder, Attorney At Law
Alex Naray Attorney At Law Geneva
An Attorney At Law in Geneva Switzerland who specializes in corporate, commercial and fiscal law. He is a blockchain enthusiast and pioneer, contributing to the developement and democratization of digital technologies. Mr Naray graduated from the University of Law of Geneva and has since been practicing for local and international clients. Mr Naray has built his reputation out of an accute understanding of the impact of digitalization on the business and legal ecosytems. A key knowledge that Mr Naray holds dear is his capacity to structure e-commerce ventures so they can navigate the complex marketplaces such as Amazon and the VAT rules and regulations
Dr Mohamed Es Fih
Co-Founder, Ecommerce Specialist
Mohamed Es Fih E-commerce Specialist
A cross-border e-commerce and mobile technologies specialist. Holding a Phd in Mobile payments from UTM University (Malaysia) and a Master degree in International E-commerce from University of Franche Comte (France). With over 20 year experience in digital entrepreneurship Mr Es Fih has facilitated over 2,000 corporate setups in more than 35 jurisdictions. Mohamed has just completed a 4+ years assignment for a United Nations and World Trade Organization agency called ITC; where he has trained hundred of E-commerce entrepreneurs and advised multiple governments and public institutions from developing countries.


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