Blockchain Advisory Services (Legal & Fiscal)

Blockchain like all new and disruptive technologies often create situations of uncertainty. Doubts as to whether what you are doing is legal, not yet regulated or illegal may slow down your projects and limit your innovation and scaling capacity. Stuck in hesitations digital opportunities can quickly loose their momentum. Don´t you worry: We are here to clear the doubts so you can make the right choices

Blockchain crypto currency legal and fiscal advise

As a specialized Law Firm in Business and Fiscal Law and as new technologies passionate, we are in a position to understand the challenges of the digitalization and decentralization of our world.  Once covered by our services, a situation of doubt for others may become an opportunity for you. Below is a non exhaustive list of potential services that we can offer to assist you with your blockchain activities

Ecommerce LawyerOur advisory services are provided by
A division of Naray & Partners SA, a Swiss Law Firm specialized in Blockchain
For more information about our Law Firm please visit our Who We Are page

Blockchain & Laws Blockchain & Taxes

   For Individuals:
    Juridictions & blockchain regulation
    Compliance and Due Diligence
    Privacy, Data protection & GDPR

   For Businesses:
    Crypto Currency Payments
    Compliance and Due Diligence
    Licensing & Regulations

   For Individuals:
    Crypto assets Declaration & Taxation
    Crypto Currency Fiscal Optimization
    Relocation & Blockcain Friendly Countries

   For Businesses:
    International Fiscal Optimization
    Capital Gains & Taxation
    Accounting & Audits


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