How does it work for the order process?

4 steps order AOC Blockchain certificate

It is a very simple 4 steps process that you can follow and our Support team can assist you via email and or live chat

Everything is done online and it takes about 48 to 72 hours for our Lawyers to issue your AOC Certificate

  1. Order the service online (add our Certificate to your cart, choose your renewal cycle and proceed to checkout)
  2. Pay using the address you want to certify (your Bitcoin Public Address for instance)
  3. Upload your identity documents (a photo ID such as a passport or a National ID)
  4. Our Lawyer will review then issue the Certificate (the signed PDF Certificate will be sent to you by email or via our ticket system)

In Some instances it may take a bit longer or we may ask you some more information or documents. This is to ensure that we are providing the certificate to the right person.

During the order you will be presented with an topion to order a Paper-back version of your AOC certificate (including world UPS shipping). You may chose to select that option and finalize your order.

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