What is the Legal Basis of the AOC Certificate?

Our certification validity falls under the same regulation and legal practice as that of providing Professional Opinion letter (POL), or otherwise known as Legal Opinion Letter when delivered by Attorneys.

Legal Opinion Letters are commonly used to facilitate business and or personal compliance processes. For instance when it comes to opening a Bank Account, a Merchant Account or obtain an EV SSL Certificate, the Legal Opinion Letter  plays a critical role in satisfying the compliance requirements of such services.

Our Legal Opinion Letter (AOC Certificate)  satisfies the following assessments:
 Identity Verification of the Client under Banking Standard Compliance
 Electronic & Operational control over a Blockchain Public Address
 Verification and non-repudiation of the Attorney Signature
 Integrity of our Certificate content and document
 Irrefutable time stamp and date of issuance

Our Lawyer verifies your identity and reviews that your application has been indeed paid using the Public Key you want to certify. He then provides a documents whereby he attest of his verification, and he signs it using a legally valid qualified digital Signature.

Our Attorney´s  Qualified Digital signature complies with the following accreditations:
  ISO 27001 Certification
  eIDAS Regulation compliant (compatible with other countries Digital Signature Acts)
  FINMA (Swiss Financial Authority) certified.

Meaning that this digital signature holds the same Legal recognition as a physical (wet) signature and can not be refused on the basis that it is presented in a digital format.

The Validity and integrity of the document can be verified by Applications such as Adobe Acrobat and other software. It also attest of the signatory information as well as the official time stamp.

A Digitally signed document remains technically "valid" for ever. If a single character is changed in the document then the signature will be broken and the PDF readers will notify this loss of integrity. This ensures that your document is not tampered with once it has been issued by our services.

The AOC Certificate is a private document of yours. We do not share it with any party unless you explicitly request us to do so. You may share it with whom ever may need it at your own discretion. This is similar to sharing a photocopy of, or informing someone about your "bearer shares" in an anonymous corporation.

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